Day 160: Fall Equinox, Libations

As Roderick headlines, Pagans practice libations to recognize the action and reaction inherent to karma. Libations are effectively returning food and drink directly to the earth from whence they came, closing the circle of action. Libations, then, represent “the princple that beginnings and endings are one in the same”.

What you’ll need:

  • A cup of red wine (or a red fruit juice such as cranberry)
  • A piece of a baked good (such as cake or bread)
  • A wooden or silver platter (optional)

Take your wine and baked good to a secluded natural setting.  Place the cup of wine and the baked good on the platter and set it beneath a suitable tree.  Hold your arms out to shoulder level, palms up, saying:

Great Mother and Horned Lord
Accept this offering of food and drink!

Take only a sip of the drink and then pour the remaining contents near the roots of the tree.  Next, take a bite of the baked good and crumble the remains along the tree roots, saying:

From east to west, from south to north,
Ancient ones, I call thee forth!

Quickly gather your belongings and leave this sacred spot.  Come back to this location at least once annually and repeat this libation ceremony.

My libation

There really was only one spot I wanted to perform this libation–at the little fern circle I found when looking for fairy energies.  I performed a libation then as well, too, so maybe that was the source of the impetus.

At any rate, I squeezed some pink grapefruit juice, found a good whole grain seeded roll, and dressed up my presentation with a sprig of lemon balm.  I deviated from the instructions by not having a red beverage and by not using a wood or silver platter, but that doesn’t really matter.  The plate is made of clay–real earth–and I squeezed the juice myself, which seems more energy-directed than popping open a bottle of Welch’s.

I found a moment of peace when performing the libation.  It really was that in-between time of beginning/ending, when the world stopped and you could just be with it for a moment.


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