Day 159: Fall Equinox Meditation, Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a whole kettle of fish that I’m not really sure I want to deal with.  I’m not really sure why I feel this way; after all, I’m completely accepting of reincarnation and would like to think that this isn’t my first time kicking it around the planet.  Still…there are so many people who claim that they were this or that famous person in a former life that I’m just a little soured on whether or not we can actually get credible detail on what past lives may have been for any particular person.  I do think that, at best, these ‘past lives’ are created memories.  I do think, though, that these created memories might have some grounding.  Maybe they present a series of symbols that mean something to us in this life–something we can use to positively correct our karma.

Roderick is very non-committal on the past life regression validity debate–he is simply offering this practice as a way to “align your awareness with the grand mythic chain” or the Chain of Causality, which we began to be introduced to on Day 157.  The overall idea is that past life regression can help Witches understand how they are one strand in life’s great web and how this strand works with those of the past.  Ultimately, the idea is that we can address the karmetic blocks of the past to create more powerful futures.

To begin this regression, Roderick asks that we spend time considering what we “consider to be the unexplainable circumstances of [our] own [lives].”  We are to “take time to sense how these circumstances make [us] feel” and where we sense these feelings in our bodies.  Then we are to follow the guided imagery below:

Find a comfortable position, preferably lying down on the floor, and close your eyes.  Once again, sense the body feeling that your life circumstances produce.  Mentally follow the feeling in your body and imagine that you travel within until you reach the place where the feeling resides.  Give the feeling a color and a shape.

Project yourself into the color-shape and you will sense that you are traveling very rapidly through the color-shape.  It forms into a tunnel that transports you back through time.  It takes you back to a time before you were born.  It takes you to a time where you had this same bodily feeling.  Soon you will arrive at a shining doorway.  Pass through the doorway and observe your surroundings.  Where are you?  Who are you?  What are the circumstances of this lifetime?

Reader:  Pause for a few minutes.

It is now time to return to your physical body and its current time and place.  From where you are in this vision, take one step backward.  when you do this, you will see that you have stepped back through the shining doorway.  You begin speeding through the tunnel once again, heading back to the place where your physical body rests comfortably.  You now find yourself back in your body at the place where you held the color-shape.  When you are ready, you can open your eyes, stretch, and awaken from this vision.

Once you are back, take time to journal about your experience.

  • How did your past life circumstance relate to your present conditions?
  • What of this exercise surprised you?
  • What did not surprise you?

Unexplainable circumstances of my own life…well, I am still smarting a bit from the whole “lose weight” thing, so I sort of dwelt upon that.  Why am I the only one of my siblings with a weight problem?  Why did it start so young?  I kind of felt this ‘circumstance’ settle in behind my solar plexus as this heavy dull sort of feeling.  Eventually, it assumed the color-shape of a yellow sphere.  When I eventually stepped through the doorway, I was on this great, grassy plain where small red and yellow flowers studded the grass.  I was wearing a fur of sorts, and tending to some sort of cow.  I’d say I was a Mongolian yak herder, but I didn’t get much in the way of an ethnicity or a time.  It was just a long, long time ago, and when I ate (well, drank milk), it gave me a deep, true satisfaction.  It filled an emptiness in me that was more than hunger.  It was security.

That was certainly surprising.  One of my biggest sources of anxiety today is how insecure my life is.  I long for a house of my own, a solid steady job, and some place I can feel is home–and feel that way without worrying about financially sustaining it.  Is that feeding into my food issues?


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