Day 155: The Meaning of Fall Equinox

The Fall Equinox is a time of balance, of course, given that day and night are again of equal duration here–but this equinox has a different flavor from that of the spring.  Between spring’s time of planting, we’ve experienced a long summer of growth.  Fall is the time to begin harvesting and to honor the ends of cycles.

As Roderick notes, the “reaping” nature of the Fall Equinox is a good time to “regard the circumstances of your life and to consider the ways you have contributed to your conditions–for better or worse.”  It’s a weighty task, since most people deflect blame onto others or to chance.  And while it is true that we are likely not the only reason for our successes and failures, we do play a large part in it and we do need to observe what we have done.  Therefore, the activity of the day is one geared toward observing what we have set to harvest.

Witches believe that action results in the current state of one’s life.  That is not to say that Witches have control over the universe and that their actions are the only factor in determining the outcomes of their lives.  Accidents happen.  Fate intervenes.  Circumstances often arise that are outside your immediate ability to control.  A car might crash into your rear fender.  You might win the lottery or develop illness.  What is important in a Witch’s lifetime is what she does, the action she takes, in response to life’s circumstances.

During the Fall Equinox, Witches are challenged to square off with the actions they have taken during the course of the year.  Today you will touch on this process and begin taking steps toward opening to a greater awareness of action and reactions.

What You’ll Need:

  • 5 smooth sticks or small branches (about 1/4 inch in diameter and 8 inches in length
  • A blank piece of white paper
  • A black felt-tipped pen or a small sharp knife
  • Twine or raffia

Lay the five sticks before you.  Think of five important actions you have taken over the course of the year.  These should be actions that led to some important growth, change, or perhaps a spiritual insight.  Now think of one word that summarizes each of your actions.  Write each word in a column on the blank piece of paper.
Next to each word, create a small symbol that represents your action.  Try to create simple shapes to represent your actions.  Using your felt-tipped pen, draw one symbol on each of the five sticks.  If you prefer, use a small knife to carve the designs into each of the sticks.  When you are finished, lay the sticks out so that they form a five pointed star.  Use your twine to tie the ends of each “point” in the pentagram together.  When you are finished, you should have a pentagram with symbols drawn or etched onto each stick.  Hang the pentagram in a place of prominence to remind you of the actions that you have taken over the course of the year.

My action star

Well, it’s a little bit tricky to find five smooth, even sticks just lying about the yard so I broke out the classic crafting medium:  Popsicle sticks.  As it was also impossible to tie the sticks together, I also broke out the glue gun–something I’ve not touched in over a decade.

The five actions I came up with were better loving myself and others, articulating my orals project, building the chicken coop, staying strong for my family, and deepening my work with Wicca and the circle.  These are probably the five things I’ve invested most in this year, and my harvest is not perfect, but my investments were imperfect, too.  They’re all also things that I will continue to work on in the year ahead.  The words I settled on were love, scholarship, execution, strength, and circle.  I chose to represent these with a heart, a document, a chicken, a table, and a spiral.


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