Day 154: Fall Equinox, Corn Dolly Blessing

What You’ll Need:

  • 4 tea light candles
  • Your corn dolly
  • Dried corn kernals (popcorn)

Form a 5-6 inch diameter circle with your handful of dried corn kernels.  Place each tea light just outside of the circle at the four compass points: east, south, west, and north.  Hold your hands, palms down, over the circle and say the following incantation:

Mystic dame of Harvest Home
Lend the spirit of the gnome,
In this circle of the corn,
May your blessings thus be born

Once you are done, set the dolly within the corn circle, allowing it to stand upright. Light the four candles. Silently regard this small ritual for a few moments, then extinguish the candles. Whisk the corn kernels into a glass jar and store them away for use in a magical practice that you will do on another day.

Finally, if you place the dolly near your hearth or in your kitchen, you will invite the blessings of the Earth Mother and all kindly spirits and energies of bounty

The 'dry run' of the corn dolly blessing

I admit it.  I have a fondness for dramatic circles, so I launched right into this puppy, saying the incantation and silently regarding just as directly.

You know what I felt?  Nothing.

So I repeated everything again slowly and with more purpose, thinking about all the energy that went into producing the corn I was sprinkling, the bees that made the wax I’d be burning, and the ingenuity of the people who first thought to harvest and craft these materials into things we could use.  And I grounded and centered before chanting the invocation.  Moreover, as I chanted, I envisioned the ‘mystic dame’–a woman who looks maybe in her early 60s to me, and pleasingly plump yet with a very ‘present’ expression about her–and the gnomes and really put intention behind my invocation.

Much, much better.  This felt like consecration.


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