Day 149: Lammas, A Harvest Blessing

No matter the time of year, try this technique.  Even if the ground is covered with ice and snow, the rite brings for the energies of the Mother’s bounty.

What you’ll need:

  • Your ritual sickle
  • Hot water
  • 2 teaspoons fenugreek seed
  • A clear, recloseable jar

Heat the water until it is just about boiling.  Place the fenugreek seed into the small jar and pour the hot water over it.  Allow this to steep and cool on its own.  When the infusion has cooled, go to a garden with your sickle and the fenugreek infusion.  Within the garden, pound the handle of the sickle on the ground three times.  Hold it in both hands above your head and say:

Mother of all,
Of vine and grain,
Bring forth thy bounty
In the Mighty Ones’ names!
By all thy love,
Do thou descend,
Offer thy fruits
Without end!

Pantomime gestures of harvesting, using the sickle while waving it over the field in all directions.  Then dip the tip of the blade in the fenugreek infusion and fling it toward the field, so that the infusion sprinkles out to bless the soil.

When you are done, close the infusion in the jar and return to your home.  Strain out the infusion, allowing the seeds to remain in the jar.  Close the jar back up and place it somewhere where you can see it regularly.  This bottle is reputed to attract bounty, especially in the form of money.  The next time you receive money, empty the jar immediately and bury the seed.

Assorted materials

I do enjoy it when I have all the materials for a working at my beck and call.  I was just about ready to head out to Sundance to pick up fenugreek when it occurred to me to check the Co-op’s herb supply.  Yup!  A whole jar that I’d apparently never seen before was just waiting for me.

It was very late at night when I was able to steep the infusion, so I let it cool overnight.  When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did upon waking (after fixing my bed, of course) was to snap up my consecrated boline and the infusion, put on my slippers, and sneak into the garden.

It was really lovely performing this rite so early.  The day was at its peak potential, which, I guess, is what grain is just before it is harvested, so the symbolism worked for me.  Better still, I didn’t have to worry about any housemates happening on me and breaking my mindset.  I performed the rite, and sprinkled all our beds and the chicken coop with the fenugreek infusion, and I’ve tucked the jar on the shelf immediately above my desk just awaiting my next pay day.


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