Day 148: Lammas, Consecrating the Ritual Sickle

Even though I chose not to paint a sickle, that doesn’t mean I can’t consecrate my boline as a ritual sickle.  So this exercise I gladly performed!

What you’ll need:

  • Lammas incense
  • A burning vessel (such as a deep cast-iron pot or an iron cauldron
  • Self-lighting charcoal
  • Lammas oil
  • Two brown taper candles
  • The ritual sickle

On a table at twilight, set out the ritual objects:  the sickle, the incense, oil, incense burner, and charcoal.  Place the sickle between the two brown candles.  Light the charcoal and when it begins to turn ash-white, sprinkle some of the incense on it.  Hold the sickle blade over the smoke and say:

I consecrate thee, O harvest hand!
Do the Mother’s work,
And scythe the land!

Next, place the sickle back between the candles.  Take out the oil and anoint the exposed silver edge of the blade with the oil, saying the incantation once again.  Allow the sickle to rest between the two candles again.  Sprinkle a dash of the incense on the coals once more and then allow the sickle to remain on the table until the candles burn completely out.

The consecration setup

I grounded and centered before performing this consecration using some of the visualizations I learned in Hartwood Grove.  While I performed the actions Roderick describes above, I slowly chanted the incantation and envisioned reaping grain and aligning it with prosperity, security, and abundance.  I pictured a whole herd of cattle chewing through a winter on the grain.  I saw myself plowing through stacks of books and retaining their information and arguments.  I saw a moment of rest after all work has been completed.  And I put those images into the tool.


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