Day 147: Lammas, Making a Ritual Sickle

The ritual sickle is on that you can use to bless your own garden, to consecrate your harvest bounty, or use in your Lammas rituals.

What you’ll need:

  • An ordinary sickle
  • 1/2 ounce black polyurethane paint
  • 1/2 ounce red polyurethane paint
  • A thin detailing paintbrush

For this magical tool, it is best for you to purchase a new sickle from a hardware and gardening store.  Magical sickles cannot have been used for any purpose other than symbolic.  If you happen to have a sickle in storage that has gone unused, then that will do as well.  Use any type of sickle, either the short hand-held of the long harvesting variety.
Sharpen the blade of the sickle using a sharpening stone.  When the blade is highly sharpened, paint it with the black paint, front and back.  Paint the handle as well.  When painting the blade, be sure to leave a thin 1/4-inch margin of the sharpened silver blade edge unpainted.  This margin represents the moon and the power of the goddess who not only sows, buds, and blossoms, but who also reaps.

Wait for this to dry.  Once dry, use the red paint and the thin detailing brush to apply the magical design below in a line across the entire blade.  The design is based on the old Greek water-wave design.  Apply the design to both sides of the blade, then set the project aside to dry for the remainder of the day.  Magically charge the blade by leaving it near a window so that the moon can shine down upon it.

This is not an exercise I chose to do.  In the first place, I recently bought a sickle knife to use as my boline and as a ritual sickle, and I do not care for too much material redundancy.  In the second place, I don’t particularly follow Roderick when he says that “magical sickles cannot have been used for any purpose other than symbolic.”  I think that’s a bit silly.  We have enough dedicated tools already, and certainly it would enhance the magic of the tool to actually use it to harvest things.  In the third place, I’ve got better things to do than to apply my sloppy crafting skills to a blade.  Yikes!  That could be dangerous.

I had contemplated doing this activity before I acquired my boline and discovered that it was quite difficult to even find sickles.  Luckily, I chanced upon, which has loads of sickles and harvest knives.  Because this site sells useful tools to large-scale growers, the pieces are very economically priced.  In fact, I don’t know if I see one there that is more than $6.


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