Day 143: Lammas, Giving of Time

Today’s exercise is one I’m really excited about:

For one hour today, donate your time to some charitable cause.  You can donate your time to AIDS awareness, to children in foster care, or to volunteering at a local homeless shelter.  Choose an activity that allows you to offer your best efforts.  As you prepare to engage in the activity and while carrying it out, note any resistance or internal commentary that may be going on.

  • What was your internal process as you prepared to volunteer your time?
  • What happened when you carried through with giving of your time?
  • How did you feel following the activity?
  • Did you notice any changes in your energy levels?
  • Did you notice any changes in your awareness?

Unfortunately for me, it has a few logistical problems.  In the first place, I am exceptionally booked today and pretty much every day for the rest of the week at least.  In the second place, I don’t know of too many organizations that just let you volunteer for an hour on a whim.  In fact, most places I know have volunteer applications that they review and training they put you through.  And then you have to make some level of commitment: at least so many hours per month for a set number of months.

What I did accomplish, though, was submitting an application to be a dog walker at the Greenhill Humane Society.  If I pass muster, I commit to working 6 hours a month for a minimum of 6 months, and I have to make my volunteer times.

I think I would look forward to the time.  I accompanied my colleague Chris and his wife on one of their dog walking Sundays and it was a blast.  I got a great workout, and the dogs had such a fun time.  It also really helped check my dog lust, which has gotten better since Laura moved in with Bruce, but is flaring up now that I’m noticing people listing advertisements for puppy breeds I like.

I guess we’ll see what might come of it.

Bruce: the most mellow mutt known to man.


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