Yay Baby!

Not baby Brake…but just about what he should look like!

Life is incredible. Even when things are happening that are so terrible you find it hard to breathe, other things will happen that will steal your breath because they are so fantastic.

And so it is with this bit of news. My good friend and soul-sister Natalie and her husband Tom, who got married back in June of 2009, just announced that they are expecting their first child!  Natalie actually told me about the baby on the 9th via a cryptic text message:  “So…ever written a Wiccaning ritual?”  Of course, I responded “OMG!  Are you pregnant?!” and the rest is history.

I’m so thrilled for Natalie and Tom.  Congratulations to an amazing pair who I am sure will prove to be among the best parents a child could ask for.

Congratulations, Natalie and Tom!


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