My Parents are Getting Divorced Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s the big D-day.  There’s a part of me that is sad my parents are divorcing, but not for the reasons one might immediately assume.  I’m sorry that they weren’t able to be better people sooner.  I am sorry that things fell apart so explosively.  I’m sorry that the best intentions of their youth devolved into such furious hatred on my father’s part and such beaten apathy on my mother’s.  I’m sorry that they are unable to safely continue to honor sacred vows that they made.  But that’s it.

Mostly I’m glad the nightmare will be over.  There’s absolutely nothing left of the life we all had together.  Even the material reminders are gone.  All that is left–quite literally–are photographs and some Christmas ornaments.  No immediate money.  No property.  Nothing will really be taken out of this marriage.  And that is all my father’s fault.  I am glad he will be gone from our lives and that we can start to rebuild and recover without his specter looming over us.

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