What? Even More Silly Body Image Stuff?

Okay, I think this might be the last one of these I do…at least for awhile.  I’m really starting to feel awfully silly!

I love the color of my skin.  I am very, very white.  My forearms are a little darker than the rest of me, seeing as I rarely have them covered, and I guess my face is a little darker, too…but other than that, I’m Really Freaking Pale.  It’s got its downsides, of course.  Every little cut, mark, blood vessel, hair follicle, pore, or what-have-you is immediately obvious.  But I like it anyway.

I am exceptionally pleased with my height.  When I was a toddler, my parents used this calculation thing that my pediatrician gave them to estimate my adult height, and I was “supposed” to turn out to be 6′ 2″!  That could have been awesome, but I think I’m glad I topped out at 5′ 7.75″.  Tall enough to be useful, but not tall enough to have problems finding decently long trousers.

Overall, I like my shape.  I really wish my belly and breasts weren’t so big, but I like the underlying framework and my basic proportions.  It’s not too bad at all!


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