New Book: “Food & Faith”

Cover of "Food & Faith: Justice, Joy and Daily Bread"

While I’ve been visiting my friend Angela in Portland over the past week, we’ve made a couple forays into city center, and I finally got to visit Powell’s book store.  I took home a few ‘souvenirs’ ranging from the horrible–a dented fender from backing into a support pole in their parking garage–to the awesome:  books.  One that I’m particularly excited about is this anthology, Food & Faith: Justice, Joy and Daily Bread that was edited by Michael Schut in 2002.

I’ve been teaching food issues as the ‘topic focus’ of my composition courses this year, and have gotten really excited about food politics, environmental agriculture, and all sorts of related issues.  This anthology approaches these topics through the lens of faith and tries to re-situate food as sacramental and tries to use it to embody love and compassion in the wider world.

It’s not a pagan-centered book, obviously, but I’m excited to see what it’ll bring to my understanding of food issues nevertheless.


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