Day 135: Summer Solstice, More Stone Waters

Oh, I dearly love it when Roderick gives his readers a little break.  I was starting to get a little bit flagged with all these new and varied workings.  Beltane didn’t seem nearly as involved.

Today is largely a repetition of yesterday’s practice.  Basically, we pick a stone, hold it up to the morning sun and imagine that it absorbs the suns rays, then pop it in a glass jar of water and let it steep in the sunshine all day.  Then we drink the water.  Roderick gives the following short list of minerals and properties to help make a decision:

A bloodstone bath...

Amber: To enhance beauty
Amethyst: Magical dreams and visions, tranquility, spiritual awareness
Bloodstone: For success in business, courage, and healing magical power
Jade: Luck, love, longevity, health, prosperity, wisdom
Moonstone: Moon goddess energies, psychic ability, love
Marble: Success, prosperity, solidity
Obsidian: Peace
Opal: To bring about change, magical ability, prosperity
Quartz crystal: Psychic ability, awareness, receptivity

I’m not sure I would have chosen all of these stones to present on a short list of possibilities.  Opals are pretty pricey gems; people don’t have them just lying about the place.  Marble isn’t quite as expensive, but you don’t usually see “small” marble pieces.  They’re usually substantial features like counter tops or bookends.  And amber is sort of a special case; you definitely try to keep amber out of direct sunlight as heat can damage it, so I’m not sure I’d recommend using any amber pieces you especially liked in this application.

At any rate, I could do with an infusion of success, healing, and courage in my career, so I went the bloodstone route.  Also, I have a strong fondness for bloodstone anyway so it was a win/win choice.  After I drank the water, I did feel better in a whole body way.  Granted, it could have simply been related to drinking a whole pint of water in a sitting–I think I am a bit dehydrated as of late–but I do feel a bit stronger, like I’ve got the courage to face up to my fears.

As with the sun water earlier, I popped the stones into my jar early in the morning and arrived back home just as evening was falling.  The energy I felt this time was different.  Instead of ‘growing’ energy, this one felt more…well, more like ‘warrior’ energy.  It was much more focused and had an aggressive edge to it.  I guess I can see the associations with business, courage, and healing with bloodstone–all of those require careful, measured aggression.

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