Day 133: Summer Solstice, Sun Cake Blessing

In today’s practice, you will imbue the cakes you have made with the energies of the sun.  Set the cakes on a windowsill during the daytime for at least an hour.  If you life where there are few sunny days or if you practice this technique on a day with no visible sun, it does not matter.  What matters more is your knowledge that the sun lies beyond the clouds.  Know that its life-giving energy penetrates the earth no matter where you are.

After the cakes have had a chance to soak up some sun energy, bring them to a table.  Light four gold candles and set them in a circle around the platter of cakes.  Stand in the “Provider” magical pass position, with your right hand up at shoulder height, palm facing away from the chest.  The left hand is open at the hip, with the palm facing away from the hip.  Modify this pose by hovering the left palm slightly above the platter of sun cakes.  Close your eyes and imagine that the sun’s rays enter in the space between your brows and channel down through your left hand, entering into the cakes.

While you do this, say the following incantation:

Wheel of the sun,
Great wheel of time,
Radiant scepter, shining over all!
I draw thee down,
To enter here,
Become these cakes,
O shining Sphere!

When you are finished, open your eyes and place the palms of your hands together to stop the flow of solar energy.  Eat one or two of the cakes.  Share them with friends or with anyone who needs solar energy.

Preparing the cakes for the solar blessing

Wow, I think I’m getting appreciably better at working with energy.  My third eye is still buzzing with a sun infusion…and I did this while it was raining!  The cakes even taste a little livelier than when I sampled them yesterday (which sort of defies the laws of baking, but we’ll go with it).

I think I should turn some attention to writing my own invocative phrases, though.  I rather giggle a bit when I see an awkward repetition like “wheel” here, and I don’t really see the round sun as a scepter.  Ah well.



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