Day 131: Summer Solstice, Solar Healing

The sun has magical healing properties from which Witches and magical folk draw.  Witches traditionally practice this sun-drawing technique at sunrise–or at least within the first hours of sunrise.  Go to some place where you can have a full view of the rising sun.  Face the sunrise, close your eyes, and feel the solar warmth on your skin.

Now imagine that the sun draws out from you any heavy, dark energies.  Any illnesses or emotional difficulties you face can be eased if you allow the sun to draw them out from you now.  Imagine them leaving you, floating up and out toward the sun, where they are annihilated forever.

As you stand there imagining the energies leaving you, repeat the following chant to the sun thrice:

Morning sun, take my pain!
Ease my heart; illness wane.

Conclude the rite by anointing your heart chakra (at the center of your chest) with chamomile essential oil, which aligns you with the essence of solar energy.

Well, I must admit it:  7:33 in the morning is not exactly the crack of dawn…but it’s close.  The local sunrise time today was 6:43 am.  I was up in plenty of time to make the sunrise, and I did my usual routine of showering and grabbing breakfast, but I got all discombobulated when I found that one of my housemates had left the fridge door open all night.  Somewhere around my penning a little e-mail to my housemates, the sun rose.  I suppose things happen.  At any rate, I get more sun streaming through my window a little later in the morning anyway, which made this visualization a little easier as it was raining and not sunny in the least.

I do feel lighter after performing this healing–less like the world is crashing down upon my shoulders and more like I can shift the load about comfortably.  There’s also a little buzz of solar energy infusing my being, which is always welcome.  I’m even enjoying the lingering smell of cedar oil on my person (no chamomile, sorry!).  It vaguely reminds me of childhood guinea pigs, which is odd, but it’s such a strong, solid, supportive, masculine scent that it’s bringing me some auxiliary balance, too.


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