Day 124: Day of Silence and Review

As we know from Day 35, it is best to maintain complete silence throughout the day on these Days of Silence and Review, though Roderick does allow that this can be modified to limit our utterances to only that which is necessary.

These days are exceedingly difficult for me thanks to the nature of my work, which is all about communicating, analyzing communication, and teaching communication.  I talk and write a lot.  Luckily, today is a Saturday–a day when I can take a bit of a break and actually be a bit silent and give this review some serious attention.

Today, as you observe silence, focus your attention on the interplay between thought sand emotions.  Do not attempt to limit your thoughts or your emotional reactions to the events of your day; simply observe the activity and how one factor might influence another.  When the day is complete, andswer these questions:

  • In what way did my thoughts impact my emotions?
  • In what way did my emotions impact my thoughts?
  • What might happen if I alter either my thought or emotional patterns?
  • How do the interplay of thoughts and emotions affect my physical energy or health?
  • How can understanding the interplay between emotions and thoughts help me develop spiritually?


For today’s practice, take time to ask yourself the following:

  • Of the information that I have learned up to now, what stands out most as vital?
  • What information seems least relevant to my spiritual development?
  • Which of the practices seemed to move me spiritually, and which had little impact?
  • Of the information I have learned so far, what would be best to review?  (Take time to review it now.)

I’m finding that my thoughts definitely have a direct correlation with my emotions.  Every time I think of how much work I have to do over the next few weeks, how little I’ve prepared for it, how little work I’ve given serious focus to this term, I become utterly despondent and sad.  I feel worthless, and that feeds into shirking off more work.  I guess that’s how that cycle perpetuates:  my feelings of worthlessness reinforce my thoughts.  If I paid attention to the good I’ve done rather than the bad, I’d probably have a different outlook.  Heck, maybe I’d get more work done.  In terms of health, my negative emotions are making it difficult for me to even do so much as get up and take a walk.  I’m tired all the time.  If I pay more attention to these cycles, I’ll be able to accomplish more personally, professionally, and spiritually.

As far as what I’ve learned over this first third of a year (spread out much longer, but still!), meditations and visualizations have been the most vital “information” I’ve learned.  Frankly, I should do more of it.  I should make a point to ground and center daily, for example.  I’ve got the skill, but I need to practice and perfect it.  Least relevant, I suspect, are some of the particulars of practice.  I’m not finding these recent incense-making activities to be all that important, for example.  It’s more busywork since I don’t entirely understand why I’m doing what I’m doing when I’m doing it there.  The meditations and visualizations I can at least gain some understanding from performing.

I think I’m being moved most spiritually from meditating on different divine forms and by learning practices which integrate my body into spirituality as well as my mind.  I think I should review some of these practices, such as the Great Rite.  That activity went a long way in making me feel comfortable with myself and in seeing my body as something with worth and spiritual potential.


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