Struggling out of Hiatus

Well, that was longer than I anticipated.  I really thought I’d just need a couple weeks of concentrated focus on my schoolwork–finish up the Twain paper, get a head start on the readings for my new classes, whip up some lesson plans, make appointments with my teaching apprentice–and then I could return to 366.

I’m not sure what really happened.  I turned in a draft of my paper to one professor and started my new courses and got slogged in the course I’m teaching, and then I got the doldrums.  I’ve been procrastinating on a lot of my school work, and then I started procrastinating on my return to 366.  I’m not doing a whole lot of anything right now other than feeling tired and watching far too much television.

So I’m working on ‘baby steps.’  I’m returning to 366, drinking more tea, and getting through some of my grading.  These are the three things I’m focusing on in the short term.  Hopefully, that will help me attack the rest of the mountain.


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