Day 118: Beltane, Dancing

Um…wow.  It’s been a whopping 74 calendar days since I tackled Day 117 (the Maypole), which I guess I didn’t actually do seeing as you can’t perform a maypole dance by yourself.  If I’d kept on task, I could be on Day 191 (Earth, the Power to Resonate) right now.  That’s quite a reality check.

In large part, I’ve been putting this specific day off longer than I should have simply because I don’t feel much like dancing these days.  It seems like far too much effort given the complete lack of energy I’ve been experiencing.  Granted, I don’t really dance much in my normal life either.  In fact, I have to be seriously, seriously drunk to let myself go enough to dance.  Of course, I adore dancing when I’m in the mood; it just takes a very long time to get into that mood.

Would Beltane frivolity put me in that mood?  Maybe.  There’s a levity about Beltane that is irresistibly attractive.  Maybe that’s why the early Modern church disliked it so and did their best to suppress dances.  At any rate, folk dances around the first of May persist and are practiced with far more consciousness today.

Practice:  Sacred Dancing

As tribute to this long-standing pagan practice, take time today to dance, either to music you select or simply out of spontaneity to the moment–with or without accompaniment.  The most magical dances are inspired by the natural world.  If possible, plan your dance activity by going to a remote location and dancing freely upon the earth.  Listen to the sounds of nature and dance in a way that represents the sound.  After you dance, take time to answer the following questions.

  • How did it feel to dance?
  • If the experience was uncomfortable for you, what do you suppose caused your feelings of discomfort?
  • Did you sense your dancing stirred any energies inside of you?  How did this energy move?  How is it moving right now?

Well, it felt pretty darn good to dance even though I totally had to psych myself up to do it.  I was using muscle groups I hadn’t used in weeks.  I could begin to feel my heart rate increase, and I was kind of having a lot of fun dancing like a freak all by myself in my bedroom.

On the flip side, every time I passed my mirror I felt foolish, fat, and massively uncoordinated.  And that’s done nothing for my self-esteem.  But my body feels better, and even I’ve got to admit I feel more energized and less…stagnant.

Incidentally, I discovered I love dancing to the Black-Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling” and Neon Trees’ “Animal.”


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