Gemstone: Rhodochrosite

Tumbled rhodochrosite

A long, long time ago, I went to Purdue University’s campus to visit my friend Rachel, who was doing some masterful summer internship thingy there.  Rachel took me around the place, and we discovered the Von’s shops.  These are a series of related stores that all open into each other, each devoted to a specific thing:  books, records, comics, video, beads and a catch-all ‘gifts.’  I picked up several really cool gemstones there, and one has escaped identification ever since.  it’s a beautiful, even shade of soft, blush-rose pink and has a couple small white inclusions.  I remember I specifically selected the most evenly pink specimen in the store and that it had a fairly longish name.

Rhodochrosite stalactite cross section

Rhodochrosite stalactite cross section

I’m pretty sure my stone is an example of rhodochrosite.  Its intensity and opacity of its pink color often gets it confused with rhodonite, but rhodonite typically has black, veiny inclusions of manganese oxides.  Rhodochrosite, on the other hand, has white inclusions.  On most tumbled stones available, these inclusions look like banded structures because the rhodochrosite was harvested from broken stalactites.  When mined from a crystal, the inclusions are much less pronounced.

Rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate mineral (MnCO3), and it does occur in other colors than pink–yellow, tan, orange, and brown are the primary alternatives.

Metaphysically, this stone seems to do a lot:  it’s got one of the longest write-ups in Love is in the Earth:

This mineral has been called a “stone of love and balance”, providing balancing and love on all levels for all bodies.  It contains a pulsating electrical energy which emits the strongest power in the universe, the power of love.  The energy of rhodochrosite is encompassed by the presence of heavenly energies filled with the golden sphere of light; it assists in creating new worlds for the user–worlds filled with love and dreams.

Using the stone during the meditative state, one may melt into the sphere of golden ecstasy; and encounter with one’s twin soul[s] is highly likely, when the energy is so directed.

Rhodochrosite is also an Earth stone for healing of the Earth and for showing love to the Mother of us all.  It helps one to serve the planet in her time of need, allowing for one to recognize that the responsibility is actually a joy.

It gently energiezes and purifies the base chakra, the sacral chakra, and the heart chakra, restoring balance in these areas.  For energizing, it acts with expediency on the physical, astral, and mental planes.  For purification, it acts to cleanse and to renew.

It facilitates balancing of the mental processes such that the attunement to the higher-self can be attained, and one’s awareness and spirituality can be enhanced.  It assists in expanding one’s conscious awareness of duality and allows for recognition and insight with respect to the method[s] by which the pervasive presence of duality affects one’s life.  It also assists one in the attainment of the solution to the puzzling concept relating to the contradiction of the duality of nature.  It further assists one in accelerating the expansion of one’s consciousness, and to both understand and initiate the practice of intensive relaxation, acceptance, and balancing.  The crystalline structures are especially beneficial in these areas.

It removes tendencies toward avoidance or denial, and helps one to be willing to both accept and integrate “new” information while maintaining a clarity of intellect and a moderate ideal of practicality.  It assists one in the re-interpretation of traditional values, allowing for the re-emergence and the re-actualization of the validity of living expression in all situations.

Rhodochrosite can also both gently and quickly balance the emotions, providing a stability, or order and structure, to the mind.  It assists in balancing the male/female aspects of one’s character and physical body, providing for a strong, clear, and tolerant energy.  It acts to stimulate the energies of the body, encouraging the maintenance of the optimum state of health.

This mineral has a gentle balancing effect which can maintain the etheric energy at a beneficial level and can help to prevent sickness.

An elixir, taken internally, has assisted in the relief of internal infections.  It can also provide a soothing action to external skin disorders; one can place the stone in distilled water, energize the mixture in sunlight for several days, and then heat the water and soak a cloth in it for use as a poultice.  The energies of the crystalline mineral tend to penetrate the infected areas of the tissues and assist in cleansing the area while removing the dysfunctional negative aspects which are present.

It can also be used in the treatment of various kinds of elimination problems, to strengthen the walls of the intestines, and to promote the production of the proper range of gastric fluids to enhance digestion.  It has been used to balance the energies of the heart and to stabilize the heart and pulse rate.  It can also be used in the treatment of thyroid imbalances.  An elixir is also quite effective in treatment of these disorders.

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