The land of nothing

Wow.  Today nothing got done.  I slept in, too, seeing as Johnathan had me up so late last night.  It was probably 1 o’clock in the afternoon before he and I got out of the house to meet his friend Cody for a bit of a hike up a logging trail.  Unfortunately for me, we were only about half an hour into the hike when I had to call uncle.  The terrain was simply too steep for me to tackle at the pace of those boys:  I was gasping for air, and they were holding conversation.  So I went back to the car, re-read some more of Curott’s Book of Shadows, listened to an Elemental Castings podcast, and tried not to freak out as the sky got darker and the boys did not emerge from the woods.

They eventually came back just a few minutes before official sundown, and all was right in the world.  But that was it.


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