Never doubt the kindness of Israeli aromatherapists…

Well, I’ve got to say, waiting for Johnathan to wake up is not all that fun.  Today, however, I went shopping instead of hanging about the house, and I found all sorts of fun.  I ended up buying a lot more bird ornaments for my Christmas tree—I’ve got 9 silver clip on birds and 9 bronze clip on birds—and a 1-quart saucier that I’ve been wanting for awhile now (thanks for the money, Grandma!).  The most exciting purchases, though, were actually witch related.

There’s a store on G Street in Grants Pass that’s simply called “Herb Shop,” and they sell all manner of supplies for alternative medicine.  They have more loose dried herbs than I think I’ve ever seen in one place—and they really monitor the quality.  For example, you have to have an attendant fetch you the herbs you’re interested in, which means the lids won’t be left askew, which contributes to degradation.  They’ve also got a wide array of tinctures and essences, a lot of dietary supplements, a good selection of books on all alternative medicine pathways and nutrition, a surprising amount of crystals, and—most importantly to me—a very wide selection of essential oils.

It turns out that they buy a bulk amount of an oil, then rebottle it into smaller bottles—between 5 and 15 milliliters, depending on the oil.  This lets them offer essential oils at a pretty competitive price.  I ended up buying 15 milliliters of cedar wood oil ($3.16), 10 milliliters of clary sage ($9.68), hyssop cineol ($8.32), grapefruit ($6.20), geranium ($4.84), and sage ($5.96), and 5 milliliters of juniper berry ($6.52), cinnamon bark ($4.76), patchouli ($4.95), and sandalwood ($32.36).  They were having a 20% off sale, so the prices were really a little bit more than what I paid…but even at full price, they were pretty good.

When I was checking out, the lovely Israeli shop clerk and I got to chatting, and we actually bonded.  She said I reminded her of herself when she began to get into aromatherapy.  She showed me some of her favorite English books on the use of oils, and showed me some of her recommended oils.  She ended up loving the choices I made, but insisted that I take a 5 milliliter bottle of eucalyptus, too, as a gift from her, as well as a couple ounces of her favorite carrier oil, camelina.  She was so lovely and kind, and I look forward to frequenting her shop in the future.  If I can’t make it to Grants Pass, I can purchase online at

The day wasn’t quite done yet, though.  After I returned to Johnathan’s and drug him out of bed, he took me to the Limpy Botanical Trail in the Siskiyou National Forest for a bit of a walk.  And it was absolutely lovely.  In fact, it strongly reminded me of some of the walks I took around streams in County Kerry.  Large fallen logs, rolling waterfalls, and moss growing on every surface!  The green was practically overwhelming.

It occurred to me that this place would be a great one to infuse my new athame with water, earth, and air energy as it is a fairly infrequented park and has great areas where all of these can be experienced.  Next time I have to wait for Johnathan to wake up, I’m going to head there for a bit of impromptu ritualizing.


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