Well, I’ll be. I actually bought a broom.

Oh, man…if you knew me in real life, you would know just how out of character this acquisition is.  If it hadn’t been so serendipitous, it never would have happened.

See, I never sweep.  Ever.  I clean all the floors in my house with a vacuum.  I pretty much only resort to a broom for the quickest of quick cleanups.

But for some crazy reason, I got it into my head last year that I wouldn’t mind having a proper “witch broom.”  I think this might have something to do with how I’ve been negotiating ritual in my co-op household.  My room is fairly small, and I don’t have enough floor space to actually move in a circle (my open floor space forms a pretty even U around my bed), so I usually go to our guest room to circle.  Unfortunately, the guest room is usually in need of a cleaning, so I end up giving the floor a sweep.  Over the course of a few circles, I discovered that I quite like the contemplative mindset that sweeping puts me in.  It’s sort of become how I start my own rituals these days, so I decided I’d start looking for the right ritual tool.

Not too long after that, I came across Broomchick’s store on Etsy, and fell in love with her handmade brooms.  (She makes more witchy “traditional” besoms, too…but I hate sweeping with a besom.)  It’s really the carved face in some of the brooms that captured my heart–they definitely make the mundane broom something special.

This image was taken from Broomchick's Etsy store. My broom is practically identical in all the major parameters. I love my specific face, though. It reminds me of a cross between John Lennon and Dumbledore.

Unfortunately, I never really had the requisite $64 (plus $16 in shipping): other priorities eventually claimed my monthly ‘mad money.’  Well, as the fates would have it, Broomchick lives in Eugene–my new hometown–and she recently began selling her brooms through a local store here–Down to Earth–which I occasionally frequent.  Today, I broke my favorite tea mug, so I padded over to Down to Earth to get a new one.  After I grabbed my mug, I browsed the store a bit, and that’s when I discovered the Broomchick Brooms.  They were being sold for $50, and I happened to have a 20% off any item in the store coupon.  So I got my broom for $40.



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