Potions in Action: Aromatherapy Mist

So I went to Market of Choice yesterday to pick up a few chime candles and noticed that they were displaying this aromatherapy product called Zum Mist under the candles.  For $10.50, I could get a bottle containing “purified water, pure essential oils, aloe and vegetable glycerin” that could function either as a body spray or as a room scenting spray.

But wait:  I have a bottle of vegetable glycerin that I’m not finding much use for.  I have water.  I have essential oils.  Aloe gel and a spray bottle was all I was missing.  I didn’t bother with the aloe, but I did pick up a 4 ounce glass bottle with an atomizer from Specialty Bottles for a whopping $0.91.  I tossed in about a teaspoon or so of vegetable glycerin and added maybe 13 drops of lemongrass oil.  Then I filled the rest of the bottle up with water, gave it a quick shake, and that was that.

I was a little concerned that the mixture would spoil, since it clouded up immediately after I first shook it.  Which, come to think of it, might be why Indigo Wild packages this in aluminum bottles.  However, the mist seems to be holding strong.  It’s lasting well without spoiling or losing scent.  The glycerin isn’t an emulsifier, though, so it does need shaken before spraying (the Zum Mist directs the user to do this, too).  I find that it’s nice to occasionally get a burst of lemongrass scent in my room.  The smell lasts for maybe an hour or so.  As a body spray, it’s not bad either.  I’ve taken to spraying some on myself before bed.  In particular, I spray a bit on my hair and comb it through.  It might be my imagination, but I think my hair’s starting to feel smoother.  I’m more inclined to imagination, seeing as the amount of glycerin on my skin and hair is probably negligible, but it’s probably doing no harm.

The aromatherapy potentials, though, excite me.  I could simply use this for basic mood play, of course, but maybe I could magically charge it for a specific purpose.  Or maybe I could just use it as a sort of “ritual bath on the fly.”  Or maybe as a grounding aid.  Or in spellwork.  At any rate, I suppose I’ve got a nice potion base under my belt.  Thanks for the awesome idea, Indigo Wild!


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