Biting the Bullet: Buying Dram Bottles

I hope it would be fair to say we all have certain psychological blocks.  One of mine–and a rather inconvenient one for a witch–has been spell work.  I just can’t see what a spell is going to do that applied logic and hard work can’t do more directly.  Therefore, I’ve never really done much in the way of spellcraft.

Now that I’ve been forced into it by some of my circle activities and by Roderick’s exercises, I’m beginning to see some appeal to spells.  Even if logic and work might be more direct, spells are enjoyable and provide a motivation of their own.  In particular, I’ve really started to enjoy working with oils, either as a working in their own, or as a part of something more.  But you do need really small bottles for oils:  really, how much rose scented oil are you going to use?  So I got some dram bottles, and I even sprung for dropper caps to help with application.

I don’t think I can recommend them enough.  These dram bottles are almost painfully inexpensive, and they really enable a lot of playing about with oils and water infusions.  They’re also ultra portable, so it’s easy to slip them in a bag if you need/want to apply the oil to your pulse points or anything throughout the day.

I purchased mine from Specialty Bottle.  I think I got about 20 one dram amber dropper bottles at $0.62 each, which worked out to almost $12.50 with $4.95 in shipping.  Their clear bottles are $0.61 each, and the blue and the green are $1.60 each.  For oils, it is important to have a colored glass container in order to cut down on the amount of light that can penetrate the bottle:  the light can break down the oils over time.  Similarly, no matter what the oil, they should be stored in a dark, cool place.


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