Day 114: Beltane, Attracting Love

Today Roderick gives us a recipe for love oil, saying that the blend of oils here are “reputed to emit a vibration that attracts love into one’s life” and asks us to mix it up.

Love Oil Recipe

Mix into one ounce of vegetable glycerin the following essential oils:

4 drops rose essential oil
3 drops apple essential oil
2 drops jasmine essential oil
1 drop lavender essential oil

Apply the finished oil blend to your heart chakra and to the chakra area just above the genitals in order to attract love.

I followed the directions…mostly.  I’m really not a fan of vegetable glycerin, so I subbed almond oil (mmm…) which has its own love and beauty associations.  More importantly, though, I left out the apple essential oil.  Why?  Because I really don’t think such a thing exists.  I can’t find an apple essential oil in any of the reputable oil companies, and I know that some fruits and flowers don’t have very stable fragrance compounds.  I think apple might be one of these.

Still, I mixed up the other 3 oils and very much like the final product.  I feel lighter and a bit sexy after applying it.


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