Day 112: Beltane, Traditional Flower Charm

Stand over a shrub that is close to either your home or your place of business.  Begin strewing yellow flower petals over the shrub, using your right hand.  As you do, say:

Gracious goddess, mighty god,
Unite the cauldron and the rod,
You who rule the changing world,
Be your power in me unfurled.

Now close your eyes and imagine some desired outcome in your life or in the life of someone close to you.  Leave the bush now.  The charm is complete.

Well, we’ve had a couple of frosty mornings, and there’s nary a flower to be found anymore.  Even my hearty graveyard rosebushes have dropped their last blooms.  And we’re deep into a spat of cold, cold rain which really didn’t help my visualization skills.  But I did bundle up into a raincoat and stand by our rosemary bush, say the charm, and visualize myself finishing my papers for the term.  And finishing the chicken coop, because the chickens have found the only square foot of dry ground in the whole yard, and they’ve crammed themselves deep into it.  Poor birds.

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