Day 110: Beltane, The Priapic Wand

I’m really not too sure where Roderick’s getting this information from.  I’ve heard of the priapic wand, of course, but the priapic wand is basically a wand with a phallic object adhered to one end–usually an acorn or a pine cone or a carved phallus.  In some traditions, priapic wands are used in ritual to encourage spring growth.  But I’ve almost always seen priapic wands discussed in Imbolc rituals, where they’re used to bless seeds and lain in the Bride bed with the corn dolly.

Priapic wands at Beltane are a new critter for me, as is a priapic wand with no phallus.  Instead, Roderick asks us to take a freshly cut branch 12 inches in length and wire a bunch of small flowers to it.  Which is sort of…opposite.  Flowers are pretty much symbols of the female genitals, not so much the male.  Really, this is a flower wand.

At any rate, there’s not near enough flowers around here to gather enough to make even a small bouquet.  And even if I could find some, I wouldn’t pick them.  I felt bad enough about gathering the last couple roses the other day.  So I’m officially not doing this exercise.


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