Day 109: Beltane, an Attraction Rite

Today Roderick gives “an adaptation of an old custom that magical folk would use to make themselves attractive at Beltane,” which largely involves making a face wash out of the rosewater made yesterday and a cut up apple.  I can see how this might increase attractiveness:  rosewater is a light astringent, and is a pretty all around nice beauty product.  At the very least, its scent is beguiling.  But how old is the combination of apples and roses?  Where are are there local apples in May?


Pour a small amount of the rosewater into a large bowl or basin.  Chop the apple into pieces and place them into the bowl as well.  Now fill the bowl to the top with fresh water.  Allow the apple to steep in the basin of rose water for a few minutes.  Scoop the water up with both of your hands and apply it to your face.  Close your eyes and say:

Awaken beauty; hold it fast,
Bind the mists to make it last!
Raggiol (rag-e-ol)!
Eytpa (yit-pah)!
Lacaza (la-caw-za)!
Azcall (az-call)!

Roderick says these last odd words are names in Enochian magic that are associated with water.  I’d really rather not go around tossing about unfamiliar magical names all willy-nilly, but we’ll go with it for now.

My skin feels nice:  silky smooth.  And a good face wash is always relaxing.  I really don’t think the rhyme was necessary, though.  A visualization regarding attraction and beauty probably would have been more effective, at least for me.


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