Day 102: Spring Equinox, Sowing Seeds Rite


Using a red ink pen, write on a green 4×4 inch square of paper a wish that you’d like to see begin sprouting and growing during the spring season.  You can grown anything you’d like in your magical-wish garden; for example, your finances, your love life, your intuition, or your empathy.  Whatever your wish, place it at the bottom of a planter or clay pot.

Next, place a silver-colored coin on top of the paper.  As you place the coin in the bottom of the pot, say:

Silver moon inside this dish
Wax and wane, but grant my wish!

Now, cover the coin and the wish with potting soil.  Hold a sunflower seed between the palms of your hands.  Close your eyes and imagine your wish coming true.  bring into your imaginary senses every sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell associated with your wish coming true.  Once you have a strong mental image, begin to exhale thrice upon the seed in your hands.  Quickly plant the seed just an inch or so from the top of the soil.  Cover it over and water it.  Keep the pot in a warm, sunny spot.  Tend to the seed daily so that it can grow.  Know that as the seed sprouts and unfolds, so will your wish!

Assembled supplies for the working.

So, it’s the middle of November.  Nothing is going to grow (for very long), and that really…ah, undermines the symbolism in this working.  But who would have thought of doing Ostara work in November?  It’s rare instances like this that make me think following the specific order of Roderick’s days isn’t the best use of the book.  Thankfully, those are rare because I quite like the ease of following the days!

At any rate, I did modify the specifics here.  I used California Poppy seeds for one thing–it’s the only thing other than cover crop seeds that the Down to Earth expert gardener said would germinate (and she wasn’t enthusiastic about them growing much at all).  I also lacked a green piece of paper, so I wrote “Grow” in green around the edges of a white note card.  Because there were so many tiny seeds, I went and planted them, then held the planter to do the visualization.  It’s so cold in my house, I thought I’d drop the seeds and make a huge mess if I held them directly!

On my card I wrote that I wished to see my follow-through improved; that is, I wished my tendency towards procrastination to significantly lessen.  I imagined myself sitting at my office desk, working diligently on term papers early in the term, and–since I’d been working on it frequently and early–I could accommodate more and other projects simultaneously.  I saw myself gaining a reputation for organization, stability, and careful work.  I felt myself become calmer and happier–as well as very self-satisfied!  It was, I suppose, “the smell and taste of success.”

Do you think if I keep the pot on my heater in front of my window the seeds will sprout?

Well, if the seeds don't sprout, it won't be for lack of trying.

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