Day 93: Day of Silence and Review


As you observe silence for the entirety of the day, focus your attention on your emotions.  Do not attempt to limit your emotional reactions to events of your day, simply observe your emotional activity.  When the day is complete, answer these question:

  • Was there one emotional theme to the day or did emotions fluctuate?  Why?
  • Are my emotions important to me?  Why?
  • Am I usually aware of my feelings?  Why?
  • Did I have times when emotional activity increased or decreased?
  • How might knowing what I feel help me to develop spiritually?


For today’s practice, take time to ask yourself the following:

  • Of the information I have learned up to now, what stands out most as vital?
  • What information seems least relevant to my spiritual development?
  • Which of the practices seemed to move me spiritually, and which had little impact?
  • Of the information I have learned so far, what would be best to review?

I can’t exactly do this today because I have work and class and all sorts of “talky” things.  I’ll return to it as soon as I can!


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