Day 89: Imbolc, Clearing Space with Earth


Fill a small bowl with kosher salt and stand at the front door of your house.  Move clockwise through the building, sprinkling the salt around the rooms of your home.  As you walk through your building, imagine that the grains of salt absorb all stagnant energies.  When you return to the front door, sprinkle a bit of salt there.  Stand with your eyes closed and breathe deeply.  With each exhalation, imagine that you emit a green light that fills the entire house.  Once you have completed this visualization, open your eyes.

How does the house feel to you with cleansing by the element of earth?

Other Earth Cleansing Techniques:

  • Place small bowls of kosher salt in each room of your home to absorb harmful vibes
  • Make a rock garden, using small dark stones and sand in a box that you prominently place in your home
  • Place quartz crystals in the rooms of your home to facilitate the movement of spiritual energy

Interesting.  I sprinkled the salt and visualized it absorbing any remaining stagnant energy, drew up some green, productive earth energy and swirled it about to fill that stagnancy.  My room now feels ultra clean, ultra happy, and the best place possible for me to be me.

Except I really want to vacuum up the remaining salt.  It absorbed that stagnant energy…and it’s still here.  I feel incomplete.  So I suppose I’m going to break out the vacuum!


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