Day 88: Imbolc, Clearing Space with Water


Fill a bowl with pure, clear water and stand at the front door of your house.  Move clockwise through the building, sprinkling the water with your fingertips in each of the rooms of your home.  As you walk through your building, imagine that the energy of the droplets is rinsing away all stagnant energies.  When you return to the front door, sprinkle a few drops there as well.  Stand with your eyes closed and breathe deeply.  With each exhalation, imagine that you emit a deep blue light that fills the entire house.  Once you have completed this visualization, open your eyes.

How does the house feel to you with cleansing by the element of water?

Other Water Cleansing Techniques:

  • Fill a small, clear bottle or glass with water; set the glass on a windowsill so that the water is exposed to the light of either the sun or the moon; after the water is “charged” with either sun or moonlight, sprinkle this around your house.
  • Place a small fountain in each room that you sense needs a touch of water energy
  • Use a humidifier in rooms that feel especially dry
  • Fill a clean, empty spray bottle with water and a few drops of rose or gardenia essential oil; shake up the bottle and use this to mist the air in rooms that need a quick cleansing with the element of water

As with the other two exercise, I “rinsed away” the stagnancy in every little corner of my room.  I then tapped into the ‘groundwater’ energy and drew up that blue light and filled my space with that clean water energy.  My space feels calm now.


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