Day 87: Imbolc, Clearing Space with Fire


Light a red or white candle and stand at the front door of your house.  Move clockwise through the building, going from one room to the next.  As you walk through your building, imagine that the energy of the candle flame is clearing way all stagnant forces within each room.  When you return to the front door, extinguish the candle.  Stand there with your eyes closed and breathe deeply.  With each exhalation, imagine that you emit a bright red light that fills the entire house.  Once you have completed this visualization, open your eyes.

How does the house feel to you with cleansing by the element of fire?

Other Fire Cleansing Techniques:

  • Light a fire in your fireplace; as you watch the flames, clear your mind (but while you are there, open yourself to receiving messages or visions from the realms of spirit)
  • Light candles in various rooms of your home regularly, for at least one hour at a time; again, be sure to attend to open flames; not only is it unsafe to leave a fire unattended, but Wiccans consider an  unattended flame an invitation for awful luck

Since I only have the one room, I “burned away” stagnant energy much like I did with the air exercise–going into all the nooks and crannies.  I think the visualization was much more successful.  I kinda felt a little drained after the air exercise, and I realized that the energy I visualized originated with me.  I put all my energy out there and didn’t reclaim any of it.  This time I visualized tapping into the earth, breathing in it’s magma energy, the “exploding” it out of me.  I actively pushed the energy clockwise about my room several times, then brought the excess back into me and returned what I could to the earth.

I feel much better after this visualization and my environment seems…energetic.


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