Day 86: Imbolc, Clearing Harmful Energies

Now that the physical has been decluttered, it’s time to do the same with the spiritual.  Energies within a space can become stagnant or even harmful or destructive, and blocking the flow of energy with clutter, closed doors, lack of ventilation, and/or obstructed light will increase the rate at which this occurs.  (From what I understand, this is a core concept of feng shui.)

Roderick notes that “Wiccans have many methods for clearing these blocked energies,” which can often include spellwork.  Today and for the next three days, we will learn four elemental methods for clearing space.  Today we will focus on air.  Incense burning is popular, and Roderick notes that white sage, cedar, and frankincense are excellent for this purpose.  Dragon’s blood resin and white copal are also useful, but Nag Champa or sandalwood sticks will do just fine in a pinch.


Light some incense and stand at the front door of your house.  Move clockwise through the building, going from one room to the next, always in a clockwise manner.  As you walk through your building, imagine that the sacred smoke is clearing away all stagnant energies.  When you return to the front door, extinguish the incense.  Stand there with your eyes closed and breathe deeply.  With each exhalation, imagine that you emit a bright yellow light that fills the entire house.  Once you have completed this visualization, open your eyes.

How does the house feel to you after cleansing by the element of air?

Other Air Cleansing Techniques:

  • Turn on an air purifier regularly
  • Use an ozone generator to neutralize toxic gases and odors
  • Open all of the windows of your home regularly, for at least one hour at a time

I’ve got a couple issues with Roderick’s first two alternatives.  I’m not a big fan of using man-made electric machines to purify space.  Besides, I don’t think air purifiers or ozone generators make an appreciable difference to air quality.  I do, however, like the window suggestion.  After I do a thorough room cleaning, I often throw my window open for a few hours–for some reason, I really do get a “fresh breeze” scent that can linger for days.  Although, I can understand that it might not be a very comfortable thing to do in all climates.

Of course, my parents currently live in a house in Indiana that wasn’t built with air conditioning.  Instead, they had this great fan in the attic that could suck all the hot air out of a house.  It is FANTASTIC!  (No pun intended).  Seriously, I love that thing.  If you ever want to feel the energy of a space instantly change, you need to visit my parents’ house and have them turn on the fan.

It is another lovely spring day in Eugene, and I will open the window and get some real air circulating in here soon, but I did try the incense exercise.  I went around the perimeter of my room here in the co-op, spiraling a stick of incense into every nook and cranny, envisioning that I was “smoking out” any stagnancy or negativity, and envisioning that the yellow light brought in peaceful, inspiring energy.  The feeling in here now certainly is breezier!


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