Day 84: Imbolc, Preparing Sacred Space

When it comes right down to it, what space isn’t sacred?  We are all incredibly blessed to be present on this truly glorious planet, after all.  Roderick seems to be with me on this assertion.  He notes that while many communities regard established spots–ritual rooms, temples, or churches–as sacred spaces, Wicca “does not separate the religious from the secular life” rather “it extends the definition of sacred space to include one’s home, office, or any space that one might want to set aside with spiritual blessings and protections.”

The home aspect is particularly important.  Witches don’t usually have large community gathering places.  Covensteads tend to be a private home, so it’s important to “foster this sacred sense in our homes.”  Roderick says that step one in this process is evaluating our home environment right now–after all, the “as above, so below” matters especially keenly to our home’s relationship between “our inner and out realities.

So today we ask ourselves the following questions:

Is my home a mess?

  • Right now…yes.  I’ve been kinda drained the past couple days, so things are just scattered about rather than neatly in their places.  My laundry’s stacked up a bit, and I could do with a dusting.

Is it militarily spotless?

  • It can be, but it sure isn’t now.  I actually prefer the “military” look, I guess.  I can breathe easier when clutter is minimized.

Is it cluttered or dark?

  • Right now my room is both cluttered and dark.  I just opened the blinds to amend that.  When my blinds are open, though, it’s a nice, light environment.  When I moved in, I painted the orange, brown, and yellow walls an oatmeal color with a cream (instead of the previous black) trim.  It makes my room look larger and brighter, yet cozy.  My sage green bedspread and light wood furniture reinforce the “light and comfy” look.

Is it sterile?

  • I don’t think so.  It can be military neat at times, but you can tell that someone lives here.

Is it warm?

  • I think so.

Is it adult or childlike?

  • I think it balances, but it perhaps more adult-like.  My general decor is more adult–I don’t have crazy linens or hot pink paint on the walls, but I do have some fun touches.  I have a big, gold, meditating frog and a piggy bank on my bookshelves, after all.  I don’t feel the need to have “my very favorite things” plastered all over my space:  there aren’t any posters of bands on my walls.  Actually, there’s not all that much art at all.  Huh.  I should get on that.

Is it somewhere “in between?”

  • Yeah.

What is your home saying about your internal world?

  • That it’s intentions are cozy and comfortable, but that it can get inundated with clutter from time to time


Take time to contemplate what your home environment might be communicating.  This is a difficult task to undertake.  It requires a certain amount of detachment and objectivity.  Like most of us, your home interior may never make the cover of House Beautiful, but it should reflect a modicum of attentiveness, cleanliness, and orderliness.  A tidy, well-managed household is also one that allows for a natural flow of energy.  When your home’s energy flows, it is balanced, serene, and free of clutter.  Health and abundance are sure to emanate from such an environment.

I think my environment is telling of my personal state.  Right now, I feel cluttered and burdened.  It’s paper time, and I’m so behind.  And my space reflects that by accumulating all sorts of bits and pieces that are “behind” being put in their proper places and tended.  The more I get stuck, the more my space gets stuck.  It becomes less and less sacred the more stuck in the mundane I get.


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