Day 81: Imbolc Meditation, Seeds of Potential

One of the things I’ve noticed about Oregon gardeners is that they begin starting their seeds in early February…at least in side or in greenhouses.  Still, it’s about the earliest limit, and it seems like one that would have had sway even in ancient times:  prep for plantings as soon as possible!

Roderick notes that seeds scatter after a plant dies, and they are points of potential, unformed life.  “Rituals that involve the planting of seeds at Imbolc represent setting potential into motion.  The seed rituals of Imbolc symbolize the principle that death is really an illusion; life always continues, sometimes in a hidden or an unseen form.”  This makes sense to me, although I often feel that seeds and Imbolc might be pushing it for lots of areas on the globe.  If you’re going to be planting seeds directly in the soil, February is just too early for most.  If this is an aspect of the Sabbat that you’re interested in, I’d highly recommend doing some research to see what can happen in your area.  In Indiana, for instance, you could probably scatter lettuce seeds over the snow, but you’d be mad to try to plant corn or tomato seeds.

Today’s exercise isn’t agricultural research, though:  it’s a guided meditation.


Find a comfortable sitting or lying position and close your eyes.  After several deep, slow breaths, imagine that you stand before a great stretch of freshly ploughed farm land.  The soil is rich and dark.  Reach down and feel the cool, sticky, dampness of the soil.  Inhale the dark, earthy scent.  Now cast your gaze into the center of the field.  There you will notice a golden glow that you had not noticed before.  Walk through the filed to the golden glow.  (Pause.)

When you reach the glow, you notice that it is a golden sack, lying on the soil.  It is a seed sack.  These are the seeds of your greatest potential.  Pick up the sack and you will find a word written on it that represents your potential.  Imagine now that you plant these seeds all over the field.  As you plant each seed, the earth takes on a golden glow. (Pause)

When you are finished, slowly return to the place where your body rests comfortably.  Open your eyes and take time to contemplate your visions.  Write down the word that represents your potential.  You will use this in tomorrow’s exercise.

All right, so I know this is more that a little cliché, but the word I saw on the sack of seeds was “growth.”

Of course, this troubles me:  I have the potential for growth?  Isn’t growth potential?  Or is it?  I guess growth is potential that is in the process of being realized.  It’s not the end product, but there’s a progression to that point.  Does this mean I am still seed like?  Still embryonic?

I guess I can see that.  I’m perpetually scared to grow, or to change.  I keep at least a part of myself stunted.


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