Day 80: Imbolc, Blessing the Earth

All right, I felt like a damn fool performing this blessing.  But that might have something to do with the fact that I was in my housecoat and slippers, flinging about watery milk with a handful of leaves at midnight.  Truth be told, I like the idea of an earth and fertility blessing at Imbolc, and I like the symbolism that this entails.  I might use the corn dolly made at Mabon for the broom or twigs, though.  I think that’s got some merit to it.  I’d have to make a pretty strong corn dolly, though.


Fill a bucket halfway with warm water and add just enough milk to turn the water white and opaque.  Go someplace outdoors–land adjacent to your home if you have it–set the bucket at your side and dip the bristles of a ritual broom (if you have one) into it.

Face the east and shake the broom over your head toward the east, flinging the milk-water in that direction.  As you do this, call:
To the East:  Renewal!
Dip the broom again and then fling the milk-water toward the south saying:
To the South:  Warmth and heat!
Dip the broom again and fling the milk-water toward the west saying:
To the West:  Succulence!
Dip the broom a final time and fling the milk-water toward the north saying:
To the North:  Growth!  Abundance!  Fertility!
As you say the last word, spill the entire bucket and its contents onto the ground.

I don’t particularly think I changed the weather–we’ve actually been able to harvest vegetables (holy cauliflower!) from our garden for some time now, so we’ve got that renewal and fertility theme down pat here in Eugene.  But I think I did subtly shift my own mind to that bent.  I’ve been a little…dry creativity wise, shall we say, and I’m starting to feel more open to life’s possibilities.


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