Day 73: Yule, Invocation

There isn’t much in the way of discussion today, just exercise.  Roderick would like an incense made from pine wood or needles, but I used some stick incense because I had neither.  The important thing is to do this invocation at night.


Begin this invocation practice during nighttime hours.  Find a quiet, secluded spot and turn off all of the lights.  Light a red taper candle and some incense.  Hold your hands, palms open and forward, fingers spread and reaching for the sky.  Orient the palms of your hands toward the flame.  As you practice the chant, allow your mind to incrementally focus less on the words and begin to open to the feeling behind the chant.  When you practice this chant long enough you can lose yourself in it, becoming one with the sound.  This, then, becomes a practice to awaken and to bind your own mortal and immortal natures as one.

Queen of the Moon!  Queen of the Sun!
Thy nightly labors hath begun.
Queen of the Heavens!  Queen of the Night!
Lend thy power, lend thy might!
Queen of the Waters!  Queen of the Earth!
Bring to us the Child of rebirth!
It is the Great Mother that giveth birth;
The Golden Sun who is born again.
Darkness and tears are set aside,
And the Lord of Life shall commeth then!
Io!  Evohe!  Io!  Evohe!  Io!  Evohe!

After chanting, extinguish the candle and the incense.  Put all ritual items away.  Take time to sit and sense what changes this invocation may have brought about.

I’ll be honest, I felt damn silly doing this invocation in May.  I also had a rough time treating this entire text as a chant.  The first six lines are chant like; the final five are rather what a priest might say in between choral responses.  So after a few rounds of the entire text, I gave up and chanted the first six lines over and over and over.

After a few minutes, I gave up Roderick’s prescribed mudra and began dancing.  There’s a lot of energy in this rhythm.  The trochees of the first third and fifth lines are highly chant-like and contrast nicely against the iambs of the second, fourth, and sixth.  Maintaining the octameter instead of stretching for pentameter or shortening to hexameter also makes this portion “chantlike”–it’s not quite prose meter, but not that far away.

And it packs an energetic punch!  I felt a bit like I could bring new creations to fruition after I raised that energy.

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