Day 66: Samhain Meditation

Roderick says that the Sabbats “offer us the chance to move from an ordinary to a mythic mindset,” and to that aim, he offers a guided meditation in order to help shift our consciousness into this mythic mind.


Lie down.  Cross your arms in the Osiris Position.  Close your eyes and take several deep breaths.  Focus attention on your breath.  Follow the trail of your breath down into your chest.  Now trail it down even further, into your solar plexus.  Feel the life that this breath gives your body.  Sense the energies of your body as they manifest in your chest and abdomen.  Allow this awareness to spread, feeling the inner body’s energy, its vibration downward to your pelvis and upward to your neck and shoulders.  Now spread this awareness of energy further to include your arms and legs.  Now include your hands and feet.  Now feel it in your neck and head.

Hold this awareness of your whole body vibrating with the energies of life.  Imagine now that you feel a hand that very gently touches, even caresses your own hands.  Visually follow the length of the hand, arm, shoulder, neck, and face of the figure that touches you.  Is this figure male or female?  What is wearing.

This figure is death–your death.  Ask this figure to tell you the lesson it holds for you.  Now ask how you might best and most powerfully live your life.  After you hear the response, ask any other question you might have.

Once you receive your answers, it is time to return to the waking world.  Bid this death-figure farewell and it will vanish from your vision.  Now it is time to return to your physical body.  Feel your awareness filling your physical senses and then slowly stretch your arms and legs.  Open your eyes.

Interesting.  Apparently the way I visualize the life energies of my body is of stars in a human-shaped black sky.  My death came to me as a man (good looking, too) that was in sweeping black robes.  He was starless.  His answer to his lesson was to appreciate my body.  The little stars were not the “good” parts and my dark body the “bad” parts–they were both me.  And Life really was the dark part–the body.  The best way to live my life was to enjoy the integration and honor both parts.


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