Why I love Eugene, Reason #598

Eugene, Oregon is a very special place.  People bike everywhere.  Vegans abound.  Local food is no joke.  It’s a gardener’s paradise.  To top it all off, they’ve got a lovely institution called “Saturday Market.”

Visiting the Saturday Market is a glorious way to spend an afternoon.  Dozens (maybe even up to a hundred?) vendors gather to sell handmade items, all intensely gorgeous and all of quality.  Small farmers and food artisans (bakers! chocolatiers!) also gather for a farmer’s market, and they’ve even got the best darn ‘fair food’ I’ve ever had.  Where else can you get a fantastic eggs benedict from a cart?

Of all the booths there, however, my favorite is Daniel Conan Young’s Barbarian Pottery.  He has all these gorgeous ceramic tiles–many with a pagan (or at least Celtic) motif.  I stopped by today and flipped through some of the tiles.  When I saw this one, my jaw dropped.  Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, it is exactly what I’ve just launched a study of.  Of course, I had to buy it.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with it–my altar’s rather crowded at the moment.  I think I’ll get a plate hanger and put it on the wall.  That would let me rotate it (only four holes, see?) so that the most recent sabbat could always be at the top.  That would be such a lovely tradition, wouldn’t it?  Physically turning the wheel of the year at the Sabbats?  I think that’s what I will do.


One thought on “Why I love Eugene, Reason #598

  1. That’s exactly what I did. For a whopping $1.59, I got a plate hanger. Unfortunately, you could see the wires behind the cut-outs, but I easily fixed that by sliding a piece of paper between the tile and the hanger. It looks gorgeous, and I can change the paper to match the different Sabbats if I want to. I’ve hung it right above my desk so that I can keep the Wheel in mind during my mundane work. I’m so pleased with it!

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