Day 51: A Day in the Life of the God

Now that we’ve concluded explorations of three Goddess and God facets, it’s time to turn inward to find the inner deities. To this extent, Roderick asks the rhetorical question:  Is the sacred dimension something that stands over and above everyday life?  Not at all.  In Wicca, the divine isn’t something we always have to call to ourselves; in fact, we can evoke it as much as we invoke it.  The divine, in a way, is something we create through our daily, mundane lives.  So now is the time we examine the God and the Goddess through and with our selves.  I can’t wait!


Allow yourself some time early in the morning to begin this all-day spiritual task.  Begin by making a list of personal traits that you feel represent your own god or spiritually masculine characteristics.  Your list can include any traits from your physical body, to your thought processes, activities, actions, and feelings.  The list should only relate to your own experiences and personal associations with masculine energy.

Once you have your list, mark out a 4-foot diameter circle on the floor/ground using the cornmeal.  Place four yellow/gold candles at each of the four compass points.  Find a comfortable sitting position and then anoint yourself with an essential oil (chamomile, clove, cinnamon, bergamot, or rosemary work well) at each of your seven chakra points.

Light the four candles.  Now close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing.  As you inhale, focus on expanding the solar plexus region around the navel.  Begin to relax your body and imagine that any muscle tension you detect drops away from you so that the earth absorbs it.  Imagine that the solar plexus region of your body begins to radiate a bright, golden light.  This is your energetic connection to the god.  Allow this radiating light ot expand and grow with each inhaled breat.  As the golden light grows, imagine that it fills your entire being.  Continue to breath and watch the energy grow until your entire body is flooded with it.  When you have finished, open your eyes.  How do you feel?

Take a few moments to stay centered in this energy before you begin your usual daily routine.  When you are ready, extinguish the candles.  Sweep up the cornmeal, take it outside, and bury it.  Put away all ritual items and go on with your day.

For the rest of the day, pay attention to the god aspects of your personality, actions, or communication style.  Complete all of your usual daily tasks from the center of this golden light that permeates your entire being.  Allow it to direct you in your tasks and to inform your decision making.  If you feel as though you have lost your connection to the god energy during the day, repeat the guided imagery exercise and anoint yourself with the oil.

Though I did get up early today (5:30!), I did not do this exercise then.  I had to get ready to go to my Kundalini Meditation class, where–oddly enough–we did a couple meditations to help attune us to feminine energy.  In fact, I did not get around to performing this meditation until noon.

And boy was it difficult.  I’m pretty new to working with chakras, but if I concentrate on all or one, I can usually feel some energy happening.  But today it was like my solar plexus had up and disappeared!  I actually spent about an hour trying everything from some of the solar plexus-targeted Kundalini stretches to laying down.  I didn’t get much.  I think that this is mostly my lack of practice–outside of going to my Kundalini meditation class, I’ve not really been doing much in the way of meditation.  I should probably try to integrate more visual/breath work into a morning routine.  Of course, I should probably go back to having a morning routine in the first place.  I’ve gotten rather lax over the past few weeks.

I think something of this exercise rubbed off a little, though.  I’ve been more direct in my actions all day, which I think is something more masculine than feminine.

My masculine characteristics list:

  • I like to take charge of situations
  • I live for spontaneous moments of unadulterated fun
  • I can rely upon myself
  • I can quickly adapt to new situations and bring those I’m responsible for around to the new views.
  • I handle responsibility for others well, though I can often take too much on and instigate a personal crisis.
  • I am resilient
  • I’m kinda tall for a lady, and I’ve got fairly big hands and feet.  And if it weren’t for modern razors, I’d probably hold my own in a hairy leg contest 🙂

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