Day 45: The Provider, Invocation Prayer


Use your compass to find the south  Face that direction.  Light a red candle and set it on a table before you.  Light a self-lighting charcoal and then sprinkle a blend of frankincense and benzoin onto the hot charcoal.

Practice the provider’s magical pass and hold your arms in this position while you say:

By the Oak King and Odin,
By Herne and Helios,
By Thoth and Thor,
And the countless names of power,
By the noonday sun, by hoof and horn,
Come ye father god,
Thy Holy Rites reborn!

When you are finished with this invocational prayer, sit where you are, close your eyes, and sense the provider god’s presence. When you are finished, extinguish the candle.

I really don’t know what I was expecting out of this invocation–perhaps the sense of “get up and go” that has accompanied some of my other provider work.  But this…this was odd.  The sensation wasn’t overly powerful…in fact, I really had to focus–I mean hard!–to get a sense of the provider through the incense, candle, and pass before I could say the invocation without it just being words.  In fact, I had the (slightly awkward) script memorized by the time I could say it and mean it.

And then afterwards?  I got a fair little whallop to my brow chakra.  All of a sudden, that area became heady, and I sort of ‘saw’ light, and felt my body become enveloped in a spinning sensation.  I don’t know why this seemed to be focused on the brow chakra and not the throat chakra, but that is what happened.  It felt incredible, but it dissipated quickly and left no lingering sense of purpose–either for the experience or just in general.  It doesn’t seem particularly ‘fatherly’ to me.


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