Day 43: The Provider, Intonation

Symbols, symbols galore!


Set your alarm so that you know to begin this exercise at noon today. Use a compass to locate the south and find a comfortable seated position facing this direction. Set the red candle before you and light it. Set your gaze upon the candle flame. Take a deep breath, expanding both lungs and belly. On the exhalation, vocalize the sound “e” (as in the vowel sound in heat). Sustain the sound until all breath vacates your lungs. Allow the next inhalation to arise from the empty feeling you create in your lungs. Then fill your lungs to capacity and repeat the intonation. Practice the provider’s intonation for a total of five breaths. When you complete the fifth intonation, sit in silence for 15-20 minutes and allow the essence of this intonation to realign your consciousness.

Red and fire and south and noon and five and the e sound…yup.  It’s symbol mashup time!

I’m definitely feeling a little rusty coming back to this sort of work.  It was difficult to settle down and get in a space for this meditative practice.  I think part of the issue was that I’d taken an hour nap from about 10-11 because I have to get up so early for the kundalini meditaton course this term.  I couldn’t (still can’t, really) shake the sleepies.  But I did perform the intonation, and after about five minutes of fidgeting in my chair, I lay down and let my mind drift.

That was illuminating.  All of a sudden my pulse became really pronounced.  I could both feel and hear my heart beat, and I sort of felt a connection between my heart and the candle flame.  It struck me that the Provider fulfils this role out of a strong love, one that runs so deep it can strive to do the best for the things it loves, even if the best is difficult to do.

I think I’m starting to get a stronger relationship with this godform.


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