Day 40: The Inseminator, Invocation Prayer

Man, I don’t want to sound like I’m always hating on Roderick’s poetry…but what the heck is up with the “morning sun, by hoof and horn” line? The three invocations for the goddess coupled a goddess symbol with a god symbol in this line…now we’ve got god/god? Seriously?

Even though I vowed to use Roderick’s invocations verbatim, I just can’t do this line. So I’m copying the appropriate line from the goddess ones here. Where this says “By the morning sun, by hoof and horn,” I will recite “By the crescent moon and horn.”


Stand facing the east. Light a yellow candle and set it on a table before you. Ignite self-lighting charcoal, then sprinkle loose incense (cinnamon bark and pine) on the hot coals. Practice the magical pass of the inseminator, and hold your arms in this position while you say:

By Pan and Prometheus,
By Dionysus and Dianus,
By Loki and Llugh,
And the countless names of power,
By the morning sun, by hoof and horn,
Come ye Fertile God,
Thy Holy Rites reborn!

When you are finished, sit where you are, close your eyes, and sense the inseminator god’s presence.

There was no candle or incense for me today, for I attempted this exercise while at work.  And I think it served as quite the testament that you can bring a little magic into any place and using any tools.  I took a moment to try and center and bring my attention to myself and the inseminator, then I performed the pass and felt again that sensation of mirth and joy.  When I said the invocation, I waited only for the space of a heartbeat and a new sensation entered me.

It was almost like…hunting.  I wanted to search for sensation.  I wanted to turn on music and dance.  I wanted to feel heat.  I wanted to experience the adrenaline rush of fear.

Did the external environment feel any different?  No…but this predation feeling was not something that was brought out from within me, and when I dismissed the inseminator, it faded away.

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