Day 38: The Inseminator, Intonation

Yeah…we know. Symbol pileup.


Set your alarm so that you know to begin this exercise during the sunlit morning hours today. Use your compass to located the east and place a cushion on the floor or set a chair so that you can sit facing this direction. Light the yellow or gold candle and set it in front of you so that you can gaze upon the candle’s flame. Take a deep breath that not only expands the lungs but fills the belly as well. As you exhale, begin to vocalize the sound “ah” (like the vowel sound in the word caught). Sustain the sound until all breath vacates your lungs. Allow the next inhalation to arise from the empty feeling you create in your lungs. then fill your lungs to capacity and repeat the intonation. Practice the inseminator’s intonation for a total of three breaths. When you complete the third intonation, sit in silence for 15 or 20 minutes and allow the essence of this intonation to realign your consciousness.

I finally managed to get to this exercise at 11:30 am.  I think that barely qualifies at “sunlit morning hours,” but it worked for me.  The sun was hot, and just walking out to the back yard, my forehead got a little sweaty.  When I eventually sat down and lit a candle (that stayed lit for all of 45 seconds) and some incense, the air just seemed so heady and thick…it was masculine.  I did the intonations and got caught up in the choirs of locusts whirring and chirping, the birds singing, and everything loudly and proudly saying “here I am!”  Nothing was ashamed or even slightly worried about predation.  They were living in the moment and living with all they had.

I felt like whooping with joy.  I should have.

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