Day 36: Meeting the God, the Inseminator

And now, at long last, the God.

I’ve done some research into a split of god aspects into these three categories: Inseminator, Protector, and Sage. To be honest, it seems as though this was a nuance Roderick brought to the table himself. I think, however, that there is some truth to it. Though the name “inseminator” makes me cringe, I think it notes an important part of a man’s life: the sowing of all his wild oats. When he does make the decision to pursue a family, most actually step up and be a provider…whether they want to or not. I know from speaking with my father and uncles that men feel a failure beyond words when they turn their back on a wife and child. I think that even if ‘protection’ isn’t hardwired into our biology, it IS hardwired into our sociology, and that can be a stronger force. But, getting back to the matter, there comes a time when a man transitions from provider to being a voice of wisdom for new providers: the sage. It really does make a good level of sense.

So I am willing to accept these three new facets of the god. And I am very intrigued by the inseminator.

The Fool from the Rider-Waite and Hanson-Roberts decks

The Fool from the Rider-Waite and Hanson-Roberts Decks

In my mind, he is the Fool from the tarot. He is a youth that is completely cocksure–the epitome of FratBoy®–who is out to experience the world and does so with unchecked glee. His biggest care isn’t in material possessions or in accumulating wisdom, it’s in sampling the buffet of life. He relies on the goodness of those surrounding him to bark at his heels and keep him from falling off a cliff.

I think Roderick sees him in a similar light. As he says, “Let’s face it; the inseminator is the party boy or girl in each of us! The inseminator […] just wants to get down and have a little fun. […] This archetype represents the wildness of fire and spontaneity in all of us.” Roderick continues saying

He does not know what lies ahead of him in life, therefore he has no obstacles. The inseminator knows no limits; all things are possible to him. He is the energy of one who won’t learn from other people; he must learn from doing and experiencing for himself. Like the maiden, his energy represents simplicity and purity of heart.

The god in this aspect represents your enthusiasm, your physical strength, energy, and optimism. He is the part in each of us that is motivated by sexual and energetic drives. He is there when we accomplish what others say is impossible and when we feel the urge to clown around.

Of course, the inseminator has a dark side, and Roderick says it “represents our wild destructiveness, a lack of impulse control, a lack of constructive direction, indolence, and our potential for flagrant self indulgence. In his dark aspect the inseminator can represent our potential to be driven blindly by physical urges and impulses.”

So in otherwords, the Inseminator is rather Dionysian and requires some Apollonian energy to counterbalance the dark excesses.

As with the Goddessess, Roderick gives a table of correspondences and an exercise.

Solar Phase: Waxing year
Seasonal Phase: Spring
Color: Gold/yellow
Pagan Celebration: Beltane, May 1
Direction: East
Time: Morning
Incense: Cinnamon or pine
Essential Oils: Carnation, cinnamon
Magical Number: 3
Vocalization: ‘ah’ as in caught
Herbs: Woodruff, hops
Planet: Mars/Sun
Body Part: Muscles
Chakra: 3rd–Solar plexus, between navel and stomach

Exercise: Knowing the Inseminator God

Think about your own inseminator traits. On a single piece of paper, draw a line down the center. On one side write down your personality traits that reflect positive inseminator qualities. On the other side of the page, write down any shadowy inseminator qualities you might recognize in yourself. If you do not note any of the inseminator’s qualities in your life, you need to get out and enjoy things a bit more! You will find it spiritually beneficial to spend time cultivating this archetypal energy. In the days that follow, you will learn methods for invoking this energy. Use these methods to invoke the inseminator in you whenever you need a boost of energy or if you simply need to lighten up.

Positive Inseminator Negative Inseminator
I absolutely adore being able to let go of planning and expectation and just get down and have fun. If I do find something ‘fun,’ even if it is just a regular old hobby, I have the tendency to go overboard and neglect other aspects of life to feed that desire.
I strongly believe all things are possible. I have an extremely difficult time choosing a direction for anything–life, a paper, a project–because I would give up the possibilities.

Though I was able to find some Inseminiator traits in myself, it was a struggle. I just don’t let myself go and enjoy life. Everything has to have a plan. Yet, I have tendencies toward the negative side. I can be extremely indolent and self-indulgent. I often feel that I lack a constructive direction. I’m happy to just wade through life and trust in fate.

In that, I am The Fool.

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