Day 31: The Crone, Magical Pass

Now this is a pose that I know well from other applications in Wicca. This is the God’s stance–what you assume when you draw down the sun or invoke the God. Oddly enough, I’m very comfortable with adapting it for use with the crone. She’s the independent one of the bunch…beyond the point of worrying about gender. Really, with her self-reliance, you could argue a case that she’s a rather masculine aspect.

Roderick asks that we stand facing the west–the crone’s direction–as we perform this pass. Easily done.

You know, there really isn’t all that much difference between this pass and that of the mother. The hands are just about in the same place, but the right is over the left part of your chest and the left over right. The feeling, however, is completely different. There’s just no other way to describe it…but I felt centered. Almost like I was more me than I’ve been in ages. I had all my power there at my disposal, I didn’t have to reach for anything else. I could provide for myself, rely on my own faculties upstairs, and just…be.

This could be addictive.


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