Day 30: The Crone, Intonation

More symbol stack up! The crone’s time is dusk, her location west, her color indigo, and her color six. So here we go!


Set your alarm so that you know to begin this exercise at dusk. Take out your compass, locate the west, and place a cushion on the floor or set a chair so that when you sit you will face this direction. Set the indigo candle before you, light it and set your gaze upon the candle flame. Take a deep breath, expanding the lungs and the belly. As you exhale, begin to vocalize the sound “mmmm.” Sustain the sound until all breath vacates your lungs. Allow the inhalation to arise from this emptiness you created from the vacated lungs, and then again fill your lungs to capacity. Repeat the intonation five more times, making a total of six intonations. When you complete the sixth intonation, sit in silence for 15-20 minutes and allow the essence of this intonation to change your consciousness.

My head hurt and I felt cranky. Crotchety old woman, yes…but I’m not quite sure that’s what we were going for.


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