Day 26: The Mother, Magical Pass

You know, I think that Roderick must have really wanted to preserve the number ‘5’ when giving each of these deity aspects 5 days each. The intonation and magical pass days could have easily been combined into one exercise. Or maybe he just wanted us to learn the power that these passes have in themselves rather than as another ‘symbol’ in a stacked string. Okay, I’ve convinced myself: it must have been the latter. A good editor would have had him combine otherwise.

I have never encountered another author using a gesture like this for the mother aspect, but I’m willing to go with it. Like the maiden, this gesture does make sense. The maiden was becoming aware of her sexual power, the mother uses it. So it makes a little sense that the area focused on with the gesture are the breasts. Elbows raised, forearms perpendicular to the floor, middle fingertips just touching, and palms facing toward the breasts: That pose is held, almost like your focusing a ball of energy from your heart, and then it and that loving heart energy is released.

And, just like with the Maiden Pass, this one made me feel my own mother energy. I had it focused and centered. I felt loving and compassionate. It seems so strange that something so simple could produce even the slightest feeling. Maybe I’m just overthinking things. When Nat and I took tai chi, some of the poses made me feel slightly different things: stronger, more graceful, etc. Still, it is interesting.


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