Day 24: Calling on the Mother

Okay, all you have to do are read the first two sentences of this exercise to know how excited I was about it. License to indulge in comfort foods! Now that’s getting in touch with your inner Momma!


Indulge in comfort foods today regardless of any diet you may be on. Eat familiar foods that nourish your soul. While you eat this food, maintain a sense of attention on how this food might bring forward your own maternal instincts. Perhaps it simply reminds you of home or makes you want to be loved and nurtured. Maybe it reminds you of something you’ve lacked in childhood. Try to honor and observe with reverence whatever it is that comes up for you while eating this food.

When you have finished eating, close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Relax your body from head to toe with each exhalation. Once you are relaxed fully, imagine that you stand near a beautiful waterfall that faces the south west. It is late afternoon. With your spirit-voice, internally intone the name of a mother goddess. Watch as the waterfall parts and she walks through it toward you.

She will take your hand and place another of her hands on your heart. Feel your heart soften and fill with love and compassion. Once she finishes touching your heart, bid this holy mother farewell. She will disappear again into the waterfall. Once she has vanished, return to the place where you began your journey and open your eyes.

For the remainder of the day, embrace the compassion and love you felt from the mother goddess and allow that compassion to inform your actions.

As far as the comfort food goes, I royally spoiled myself by having far too much of a favorite childhood dessert, “Someone Sure Knew What They Were Doin’!” It’s a bar thing where the crust is shortbread and pecans with a cream cheese layer and then a blueberry layer and then a whipped cream layer. It was a specialty of my grandma’s. The first time I had it when I was a kid, I took a bite and said, “Someone sure knew what they were doing when they made this!” And ever since then, that’s what my family calls it. Huzzah comfort food. Huzzah blueberry season!

My meditation was enlightening. Lord only knows how I would know if an imaginary waterfall would face the southwest, so I didn’t worry too much about that. But I saw myself at a waterfall I recently visited with Shea and Liz in Minnesota. It’s such a happy place, and we spent a good portion of an afternoon having a picnic on its banks, playing in the water, and clambering all over the surrounding rocks. I was back at that afternoon, feeling the late sun across my shoulders and calling to Gaia. The falls didn’t part, and a woman didn’t walk towards me. Instead, she was just there. She was the waterfall, the rocks, and everything around me. She was me too. And I felt her love…and a small niggling wish that we all would be better. That we would take care of each other and ourselves. In other words, I saw that she wished we would love each other and all the creatures with the same love she had for us.

Really powerful.

One thought on “Day 24: Calling on the Mother

  1. Love and compassion was the message brought to me during this exercise. I called upon Frigg since I had recently read and article on her in SageWoman Magazine. It was such a beautiful and touching meditation.

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